1510CW Series - CW Pump Cavities

This 1510CW-Series includes high efficiency diffuse pump cavities for CW applications. The proprietary diffuse reflector design and "dry electrode" seal approach simplifies the lamp replacement procedure and ensures maintenance-free operation without a need for deionizing components in the cooling system.

High performance arc-lamps and base plates are available for all our standard models. Custom modifications are available upon request. CW grade laser rods-Nd:YAG, YLF and YAP are also available at very competitive prices. Marysol will also provide quotes for complete resonator modules and systems designed to meet your specifications.

Part# Rod Size
(mm x inches)
Lamp Base Plate*
1510CW-4-4 4 x 4 7.025 0.908 5.025 5400CW B-4S
Krypton Arc Lamps
Part# Bore
V x I **
Max Power***
Life time
LM5400CW 5 6 3.5 165Vx27A 3 300
* See Components/Accessories data sheet for specification.
** Out of cavity test conditions.
*** Limited by the cavity


Typical Performance

1510CW YAG Typical Performance

Performance Chart