2600 Series - Laser Cavities Dual Lamp

The 2600-Series includes high efficiency dual lamp cavities for high power/energy applications. The design is suitable for use with Nd:YAG as well as with three and quasi three-level materials. In order to maximize the pump volume of the laser rod, the cavity design includes easy to install laser rod connectors. Marysol will provide a connector installation kit or factory installation of laser rod connectors at nominal cost. The reflector is made of a high reflective nonporous ceramic. A Pyrex flow tube is mounted around the rod, providing a high efficiency cooling channel as well as UV filtration for the laser rod. The flow tube is optionally available in Samarium-doped glass or fused silica. 2600-Series can be designed to accommodate rods up to 3/8 inch in diameter by 8 inches long.

2600-Series Laser Cavities-Dual Lamp (Rod-8mm x 6 inches)

Mechanical Drawing