2800 Series - Laser Cavities Dual Lamp

The 2800-Series cavities are especially designed for Ruby and other materials which require a high level of pumping energy. In order to maximize the pumped volume of the laser rod, the cavity design includes easy to install laser rod connectors. Marysol will provide a connector installation kit at nominal cost. the reflector is made of a high reflective coated ceramic which will not solarize at pump levels of up to 3 KJ Pyrex tubes are enclosing the lamps, providing efficient cooling in high power applications of up to 3 KW. Standard size will accommodate a 3/8" x 4.5" rod and two 8mm bore lamps. Custom designs are available. The cavity includes an electrically isolating base plate which allows external or serial trigger of the lamps.

Flash Lamp
Part# Bore
Ko (per lamp)
OhmAmp 0.5
LM8420X/C 8 9.2 4.2 450> 17

2800-Series Laser Cavity - Dual Lamp (Rod 3/8" x 4.5")